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Youth Transitions, Inc. is a non-profit corporation based in Knoxville, Tennessee. We are dedicated to training individuals with disabilities for employment opportunities in the food service industry.

The Beginnings
Youth Transitions, Inc. was born out of a need to recruit and retain staff at a local restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee. This need for employees evolved into a pilot project for employment of special needs individuals in the restaurant industry.

The goals were threefold:

1. Maintain or improve restaurant profitability.
2. Each employee must perform at least three job functions in the restaurant.
3. Each employee must be able to maintain earned skills through their tenure.

The Pilot Project
Three individuals with disabilities were hired over an eight year period. The three individuals were employed for 11 years, 10 years, and four years respectively. Moreover, the three project goals were met and exceeded through the personal successes of each employee. Restaurant profits were maintained over the project period. Next, two of the employees were proficient in three or more job functions. One employee was proficient in two job functions and developed skills in several support areas of the restaurant.

The Action
A graduate student conducted a county-wide survey of local restaurants to determine the primary challenge to employment of individuals with disabilities. Over 85% of food service owners and operators surveyed believed that persons with disabilities could be productive in the food service industry. Survey results determined that 80% of food service owners and operators felt that time constraints and proper training minimized their desire to hire a persons with a disabilities.

Youth Transitions
Youth Transitions, Inc. was founded as an employee solution for the food service industry. Through a partnership with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and the Tennessee Restaurant Association, Youth Transitions, Inc. will establish an industry-trained source of employees for the food service industry. Students will have a variety of opportunities in the food service industry in the state of Tennesseeā€¦

Youth Transitions, Inc

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